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Join us for a weekend of slow living at the shearers’ quarters of Moorabinda Station in the Dumaresq Valley of northern inland NSW on a girls’ own adventure for grown-ups.

There are favourite winter vegetable recipes, making homemade pizza dough and toppings, cardamom and vanilla infused coffee, slow cooked beef cheeks, homemade bagels, tea cured barramundi, crème fraiche and pecan pie, and killing, plucking and cooking poultry.

It is not all crème fraiche, enamelware and bread and butter pudding at the shearers’ quarters though. There’s wet kindling and firewood to contest, forcing the group to abandon plans for campfire cooking, a crash course in wrangling a wood oven and cooking on an open fire, and a wild storm disturbing sleep with thoughts of the wind whipping up a bushfire or some other natural disaster.

Delicious food by candlelight, hot toddies, showers by torchlight and beds warmed by hot water bottles. It was a weekend to remember.